Coaching and Training

Coaching and Training

Let us know what your key objective is for the training course and we will provide the best match.

– Our Company provide on-site training to companies or in locations selected by client companies.
– We do more than just deliver training. We will carefully listen to you and design a case
specific program that targets the gaps in your organisation and increases your sales
– When you are in doubt about which program is necessary for your business or will benefit
your organisation or team, send us a request and we will get back to you with the most
suitable package deal!
– All of our training courses are competitively priced in accordance with the number of
participants and the selected location.
– During our training session, we encourage interactive participation
– Whether you need a coach working with your people or you require a coach to help you
with your personal challenges, our professional coaches will help you.
– Our trainers are UK and Azerbaijani experienced professionals
– What makes our training programs different from others is a blend of Eastern and Western
methodologies and an individual approach.

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Through training and coaching we provide employees and managers with new skills, abilities and knowledge. Through ongoing training and coaching that existing talents and competencies are nurtured, honed and expanded.
See our list of corporate short training courses below:

NoName of the courseDuration
1Time Management1 day
2Leadership, Teamwork, Communications2 days
3Self Management and Personal Effectiveness2 days
4Presentation skills2 days
5Communication Skills2 days
6Negotiation Skills3 days
7Teambuilding and Motivation2 days
8Coaching on leadership1 day
9Train a trainer2 days
10Presentation skills2 days
11Running Effective Meetings1 day
12Leadership Skills: Teamwork and Motivation2 days
13Project management Fudamentals1 day
14Leadership and Management1-2 days
15Stress Management1-2 days
16Emotional Intelligence2 days
17Managing Difficult Conversations1 day
18Motivating Employees and Feedback2 days
19Fundamentals of HR1 day
20Effective Interviewing1 day
21HR for beginners1-2days
22Business Management2 days
23Phone Etiquette1 day
24Email Etiquette1 day
25Customer Care2 days
26Health and Safety for hospitality sectors2 days
27Essentials of Health and Safety for Construction sectors2 days
28Food and Safety for Hospitality Sectors2 days
29Effective sales2 days
30Essentials of Marketing1-2 days
31Conflict Resolution1 day
32Event Management2 days
33Body Language1 day
34Cv writing1 day